Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Til Tops

One of the great things about the children growing up is that the scope for family friendly activity increases. We are nappy free, nap free and for the time being, puppy free and no longer are we confined to the local soft play centre when we need an opportunity to let off some organised steam. When my husband's birthday arrived a couple of weeks ago I took a leap of faith and booked an adventurous day out for the whole family to enjoy together.

Til Tops had been recommended to me by two dear friends who both thought it brilliant and we really could not have had a better time.  Built upon an unused golf course, Til Tops is home to four adventure trails that take visitors through the tree canopies on various activities. The yellow course is entirely suitable for little ones, our three year old couldn't wait to have a turn and would have happily been entertained all day had we not been the support party for the taller and more adventurous members of our group. They focused on the green and blue trails which are higher and higher still through the trees. Unfortunately my ten year old wasn't tall enough by just a couple of centimetres for the red trail so we didn't get to try the 150 metre zip line that lies across the vast lawn. He is now hoping for a growth spurt by the end of the summer.

Before starting, one of the instructors help's you climb into your harness and lead's you through the practise course so that you feel comfortable with the equipment. They are very friendly and English is absolutely not a problem. This is invaluable, especially for impatient boys and they will not let you on the high climbs without knowing you can work the harness correctly. Once comfortable we set off on the green trail which is set between two and four metres above the ground. No two activities are the same on the trail aside from the zip lines because a zip line is a zip line and they could never get boring!

It was high and before booking you should check that your child meets the age and height requirements. Things look very different when you're up high and the confidence that seems so great on the ground can feel very different six metres up.

Booking is done online and is a straight forward process. I booked the day before but I am sure that during the summer months they will be a lot busier so it's probably best to book ahead.

There is a cafe on site that serves tea, coffee and cold refreshments. It is great and very nicely run. Situated just outside Hornbeck it only took us half an hour to drive there from where we live just north of Copenhagen. 

We got incredibly lucky with the weather and spent four very content hours climbing and supporting each other in the beautiful sunshine. The boys loved their day out with Pappa and Pappa overcame his fear of heights, thankfully. We will return, I just hope dogs are welcome...

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